Published article in the New England Quarterly

The Tremont Temple Riot–an anti-abolitionist mob breaks up an antislavery meeting in Boston, December 3, 1860

Another of my research interests has to do with the clash of abolitionists and anti-abolitionists in Boston. I was very happy to have a paper on the subject published in the March 2021 issue of the New England Quarterly. This represents the culmination of a great deal of research and editing of this piece. The result is titled, “’This Most Atrocious Crusade against Personal Freedom’: Anti-abolitionist Violence in Boston on the Eve of Civil War.” The essay explores increasing organization among anti-abolitionists in Boston during the Secession Winter and the combination of mob violence and political tactics they employed in an attempt to silence abolitionists. This opposition did not fade away on its own, I argue, but was actively shut down by abolitionists who knew how to navigate politics and public opinion. Opposition to antislavery in Boston came to be an organized and cohesive effort as anti-abolitionists increasingly mirrored their abolitionist counterparts, passing resolutions, forming a secret organization, and implementing a political agenda in the state legislature. 

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I recommend selecting the PDF version. It’s not only attractive but also much easier to read.

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I am a historian of the Civil War Era, author, and PhD candidate

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