About Me

I am a historian of the American Civil War Era. In the coming academic year, I will be a lecturer at Boston University in Early American History and the Civil War Era. I successfully defended my dissertation, “Architects of Civil War Homecoming: Northern Relief Workers and Returning Union Veterans,” in June 2022. In it, I explore the efforts of wartime and postwar humanitarian relief organizations as well as state and local governments to aid to Civil War veterans and their families. This complex network of aid, often overlooked due to its decentralized nature, provided vital, multilayered forms of support to discharged soldiers.

Before entering Boston University’s Ph.D. program, I worked in public history for nearly 20 years, primarily as Executive Director of the Duxbury Rural and Historical Society and, later, as Executive Director of the nationally accredited Pilgrim Hall Museum.

I am the author of two books on local history and have published papers the New England Quarterly and the Historical Journal of Massachusetts. I was the recipient of the BU History Department’s Distinguished Teaching Award (an honor which meant a great deal to me) and an Andrew Mellon Research Fellowship from the Massachusetts Historical Society, among other awards. I continue to be involved as a volunteer and advisor for historical organizations on the South Shore of Massachusetts.